There is always a temptation to book a holiday in January when the prices tend to be down, however, you may be able to save even more money by booking late.

There are a wide range of holidays constantly available, and by booking late you’re not going to limit your chances of finding a destination that suits you needs. Some people will properly plan their holidays, and this will involve booking early, then perhaps paying small amounts off at a time.

Others will be more casual about a holiday and book as and when one comes available that they like at a reasonable price, and this laid back attitude can pay off. There is the chance, however, that you leave it too late, and don’t give yourself enough time to prepare. You may need to give more notice to your employer, perhaps buy clothes, book travel insurance, and arrangements to the airport. It’s al of these aspects that should also be taken into account, so it may be important to find the balance between booking late, but not too late.

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