You may be the type of person who loves outdoor life and camping under canvas.  For many (maybe saner) people, there is nothing worse than having to walk across a field to spend a penny in communal toilets or trek 30 metres to the tap over by the hedge for water to fill the kettle.  In that case, camping will definitely not be for you.  Keen campers don’t mind the chill in the air as bedtime approaches nor are shy about brushing their teeth in communal wash rooms wearing a onesie and wellies!

There are many different camp sites in the UK and it is easy to find them online.  Some are run by organisations like the Camping and Caravanning Club where the grounds may be landscaped and the facilities scrupulously clean.  However, other campers may find some of the camp site rules a little over zealous.  In which case, they may prefer a much more relaxed site, where pitches are not specified and where camp fires are allowed in the evening.  Some of the largest sites are particularly suitable for families with children as they often have playgrounds and games rooms for campers to enjoy.  Companies like Haven sometimes have camping areas on their holiday centres for holidaymakers who wish to bring their own tents and campers can make use of facilities like swimming pools, bars and restaurants, tennis courts and evening entertainment.

Whether you are after peace and quiet or somewhere to keep the children amused, you should be able to find a camp site somewhere in the UK to suit your needs exactly.

Ever wanted to take the family away across the Channel to enjoy French food, Spanish sunshine or Italian culture?

It need not break the bank.  A budget way to take the whole family abroad is by driving to one of the very many European camp sites which have tents already set up for holidaymakers to use.  If you have visions of wet canvas and sleeping on stony, lumpy ground, then think again.  Several holiday companies have set up sites with large spacious tents which can sleep up to six people.  Beds and mattresses are provided in the sleeping area of the tent and there is usually a hanging rail for clothes too.  The living area has a small working kitchen, complete with cooker, hob, cupboards and all the usual kitchen utensils needed for a self-catering holiday.  There’s a big table and comfortable garden chairs to sit and eat around.  An electricity supply allows families to play games or read books well past nightfall. The spacious grassy area around the tent is available to soak up the sun’s rays or to allow toddlers to play nearby.

The camp sites themselves can vary greatly in size and amenities provided.  All will have good showers and washing areas, as well as washing up facilities and water stand pipes.  The bigger sites may also have games rooms, cafes and takeaway food bars, tennis courts and swimming pools.  Many sites operate children’s clubs for school aged children, especially during peak times.

Paris is one of those capital cities that has to be visited. It’s not always easy to predict what kind of vacation you’ll have in Paris, but other than visiting the Eiffel Tower, you may want to consider the following:

Luxembourg Gardens

If it’s hot then the Luxembourg Gardens will not disappoint. It’s the perfect spot to spend Sunday, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere with beautiful scenery all around you.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely worth a visit too. This is a historic building that’s well worth a climb to the top. You may not get the same view that you get from the Eiffel Tower, but it’s splendid nonetheless.

St. Etienne du Mont

This is another gem, and you just have to stand back and simply admire the architecture of this beautiful building, whilst all of these attractions are within close proximity to restaurants, and bars.

Planning safari holidays can be a big task and if you’ve never been on one before it’s likely you’ll have lots of questions and queries about preparing for your upcoming holiday. Below are the answers to just of the few of the frequently asked questions that you might be wondering about.

Can I take my children on safari?

Definitely! Africa is an excellent choice of destination for a family holiday. There are many camps and lodges specifically aimed at families with special accommodation, extra activities, children’s menus and specially trained staff. The best way to find accommodation well suited to your family’s requirements is to speak to a safari expert.

What kind of food can I expect?

You’d be surprised what the teams of chefs at safari camps can create in such remote locations! Careful planning and organisation behind the scenes mean that food on safari is of excellent quality. Camps are able to cater for any dietary requirements or likes and dislikes if they’ve been told in advance.  You will have access to bottled water during your safari.

How will I do my laundry?

Most camps offer a laundry service and will launder any items bar underwear which isn’t included due to local customs.

Will my camp have electricity?

Camps and lodges in remote areas generally rely on generators and/or solar power for their electricity. You’ll have enough power to charge batteries but in most remote areas you won’t be able to use hairdryers or electric shavers.

Can I use my mobile phone?

In the remote areas of Africa, mobile phone coverage can’t be guaranteed. If you do have coverage and want to use your phone, it must be kept turned off or on silent mode during activities so as not to disturb animals or other guests.

Jamaica is known for its hot weather, friendly people and delicious foods, and it’s certainly a place we feel every individual should visit at least once in their life. It’s an extremely large Caribbean Island and there are certain aspects that you’re bound to see on your holiday in Jamaica, including: tropical settings, mountains, waterfalls, soft sandy beaches and eye-gazing sunsets.

There’s plenty to see and do on a holiday in Jamaica, and many know it as a country for its reggae and vibrant colours, and this is especially true. You won’t have to stroll far in an evening to find reggae music artists around the stretches of clubs and bars.

Lastly you have to consider the people, they’re warm, friendly and they want you to come and enjoy your stay, and each of these aspects adds up together to create one of the best holidays an individual can go on.