Travelling alone and exploring the world is a dream for some. But, it isn’t the safest way to travel. So, how can you keep yourself safe when travelling around the world alone?

Let People Know Where You Are
When travelling alone it is vital to keep in contact with family or friends at all times. Give them details on where you are going, where you and staying, and places you are going. This way they know when they should be concerned and where people could find you.

Emergency Cash
You should also have a backup money fund. You never know when your cards may not work or their card machines could be down. By having emergency cash, you will have a backup for when these issues occur and you will not be put in a difficult situation.

These are two of the easiest ways that you can keep yourself safe when you are travelling alone in countries you may have never been to before.

The accommodation is a major factor in your trip and can even make or break it. The primary factor is that your accommodation choice needs to be safe, both in terms of the building itself being secure, and the area being safe for you to stay in.

Start by only looking at reputable websites when booking your holiday accommodation. You can review each option to see what it can offer you – take particular note of previous reviews to see what other people have said, and also make sure that you read the description carefully.

You also need to conduct your own research into the area to find out what it is really like. This is important for finding out if it is the right kind of area for you, but also to learn about safety and if there are any concerns. Look out for statistics like crime rates as well as seeing how much of a touristy area it is.

Going on holiday with friends or family can be great. For some people, though, the urge to get away from it all is much more tempting, and it’s an impulse that can really draw them in. They might want to travel alone and escape the world for a while, but is it safe?

Travelling alone can be very safe in many parts of the world. Large parts of South East Asia, Europe, Australasia and America are very friendly for solo travellers. Solo travellers will of course need to take more precautions than people travelling in groups. It’s harder to always be aware of what’s going on around, and travellers will need to be vigilant. It’s also more difficult to negotiate taxis and transport on the road, as it’s easier to fall victim to fraudsters or people who overcharge. However, it is definitely possible to stay safe when travelling alone and it can be a very rewarding, enjoyable experience.

Booking a holiday is one thing – being ready to go on holiday is entirely another. You will need to do lots of different things before you are ready to do – and packing is going to be the least of your worries when it comes down to it! Think about some of the things you need to do, and make a comprehensive list. Here are some ideas of things to consider to get you started:

  • Check in for your flights. Make sure you have checked in online, or you will have to pay more at the airport. You will be able to print boarding passes, or use them on your phone.
  • Have visas ready. If you need a visa to get into a country, make sure you have planned ahead and will be able to get your visa in enough time.
  • Tell your bank you are travelling. You don’t want to have your card cancelled due to suspected fraud whilst you are abroad!

There are many different tours and holidays you can take, depending on what interests you. If a culinary tour takes your interest, then there are many different options for you. Tour operators all over the world offer tours like this and will be happy to take your bookings.

You can enjoy food all over the world, from Asia to European destinations. All have their own cuisine, and by tying in these kinds of tours with general sightseeing, you really will get to see the best of a country. General tourist locations can offer overpriced food that is actually of a lesser quality; culinary tours take you to the places that offer the best quality local dishes.

If there are specific foods you want to try, this is your perfect opportunity. Do your research and find the kinds of tours that appeal to you, then find the right organiser and budget.