Is it Safe to Travel Alone?

Going on holiday with friends or family can be great. For some people, though, the urge to get away from it all is much more tempting, and it’s an impulse that can really draw them in. They might want to travel alone and escape the world for a while, but is it safe?

Travelling alone can be very safe in many parts of the world. Large parts of South East Asia, Europe, Australasia and America are very friendly for solo travellers. Solo travellers will of course need to take more precautions than people travelling in groups. It’s harder to always be aware of what’s going on around, and travellers will need to be vigilant. It’s also more difficult to negotiate taxis and transport on the road, as it’s easier to fall victim to fraudsters or people who overcharge. However, it is definitely possible to stay safe when travelling alone and it can be a very rewarding, enjoyable experience.